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Angela McBride; Artist

The story of KineticArt began long ago, but not until recently was that realized. After being confronted with her own personal challenge of staring cancer in the face, Angela McBride survived it but not without the help and love from her family and friends. This experience gave her a profound lesson in love and positive and negative energies. During her treatments and after kicking cancer's ass, being surrounded by positive energy was very much part of getting through it all. With that, a new realization that every energy has its own artistic value. She had always been artistic in some form or another her whole life. But, moved by the energies and breathtaking beauty of life, she decided to launch a digital space where she can share her art and where enthusiasts could find and buy their favorite pieces. KineticArt, true to its statement, "Energy Driven Art", has had a varied selection of art, produced to the highest standard and offered at the most competitive prices. Check out our collection today. and remember to do something creative! 

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